Parent Info/FAQs

Does my child have to be toilet trained to attend your programs?

No! Children are NOT required to be toilet trained to attend Bronte Harbour.

What should my child bring/wear to school?

– A bag or backpack that contains a complete change of clothing (in case of accidents or spills) and diapers and wipes if applicable. *Please ensure that your child’s belongings are clearly labelled with his/her name to avoid confusion*

-Comfortable, washable clothes! Your child may be painting or participating in other messy activities, and while we encourage the use of smocks, your child’s clothing may get dirty or stained.

-Closed-toe, nonskid footwear, i.e. running shoes. We spend time in the gym every day, and your child needs to wear shoes that permit safe running and active play. We respectfully ask that children not wear “Croc”-type shoes, flip-flops, or hard-soled dress shoes.

-Please leave toys from home at home! The exception to this rule will be for comfort toys (i.e. special stuffed animal or “blanky” type items). These may be brought in to the center to provide comfort as your child settles in to our program.

Do you supply the snacks?

Yes, we provide a healthy mid-morning snack, consisting of at least 2 food groups. Drinking water is served at snack, and is also available upon request. Should your child have dietary restrictions, (personal preference, religious reasons etc.) please be sure to indicate this on your child’s registration form. In keeping with our Anaphylaxis policy, please do not send in food or drink from home, as we are unable to serve it in our classrooms.

Our snack menu is posted in each classroom.

How will we know what’s planned for the month?

We will keep you informed of Bronte Harbour happenings through our online newsletter, online calendar, and on the parent information bulletin boards and whiteboards. We encourage you to read the newsletter each month and to check the information boards, as they contain important information and dates with respect to Bronte Harbour activities.  Your child will also have their own folder, where we will send home notices, artwork and the like. Be sure to empty your child’s folder regularly.

 Do you use “time outs”?

At Bronte Harbour, we use positive redirection, and use a “time-in” strategy when necessary.  (The child will stay with a teacher, and be assisted in choosing activities for a period of time, until it is determined by the teacher and the child together that he/she is ready to rejoin the group.)

We encourage the children to verbalize their feelings, and provide them with age-appropriate strategies to cope with difficult situations.

Will my child change programs if they turn 2.5 during the school year?

Your child’s age on their first day of school determines which program they will be in: Toddler or Preschool. That’s why we always ask your child’s birthdate before you tour…so we know which classroom to show you!
We generally do not “move children up” from the toddler room to the preschool room during the school year. When you enrol your child in our program, the expectation is that your child will stay in that class for the duration of the school year. (Much like in the public school system: children do not change grades mid-year.)

What if I have questions/concerns?

The teachers are always available to discuss your child’s progress, or answer any questions you may have. At any time, should you wish to discuss a matter with your child’s teacher, or the Executive Director, please let us know. We will make arrangements to meet with you at a time that is convenient for you.

Will my child have a space next year?

Absolutely! Our advance enrolment for currently enrolled families usually takes place in January, prior to our Open House for general registration. We ensure that families currently in attendance have first choice of spaces for the upcoming school year.

Are you open on PA days?

We sure are!

Do you have references available?

The majority of our families come to us through word of mouth, but sometimes a family finds us via Internet search, or other means. If you have not already had the chance to speak to a “veteran” Bronte Harbour parent, we would be happy to put you in touch with someone who would love to speak with you!

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