October 2017 Newsletter


And it’s October!  Already! September was a fantastic first month of school, and it totally flew by. And all the sunshine sure helped keep everyone in the best of spirits.
So what exciting things went on at Bronte Harbour?
Well,  we’ve spent the last month getting to know one another, and the children are settling in beautifully (as they always do). Everyone is getting the hang of our daily routines, and for the most part, those first day jitters are gone! We are still seeing the occasional tears, but that’s typical for the end of the first month. Those first couple of weeks are often a “honeymoon” period for the children, and then reality hits. I have to come preschool ALL THE TIME!

So, here’s a big WELL DONE to all the parents and children for making it through those sometimes difficult first days of school. The children are already thriving in their programs!

And if you haven’t already had a look around our website, don’t forget to check out our events calendar; all the important dates for each month will be listed there.  We also have a Parent Info/FAQs page. Take a look!

October is going to be another busy month…here’s what you need to know:

Food Bank Donations:
Every year during the month of October, we collect donations of non-perishable food items for the local food bank. Please consider sending in a few items for our food collection boxes. We will be talking with the children about the donations during our group discussions, and will focus on the importance of helping others. Anything you can contribute is much appreciated. Thank you!

The center will be closed on Oct. 9th for Thanksgiving. We hope you all have a wonderful long weekend, filled with family, fun and food!

Scholastic Orders:
Scholastic book orders are due Fri. Oct. 13th. Thank you for your continued support.

Parent Information Night:
Join us on Tuesday October 10th at 6:45pm in the Preschool Classroom for a brief Parent Information session. We will answer some of the more commonly asked questions, and will be sharing with you some of our exciting plans for the upcoming school year!
Hope to see you there.
*Please note that childcare will not be provided, and we respectfully ask that you make other arrangements for your child(ren).

Halloween Celebrations:
To ensure that all the children have the opportunity to dress up for school, we will be holding our Halloween celebrations on Monday Oct.30th and Tuesday Oct. 31st.  Costumes are optional, so if your child doesn’t feel comfortable wearing one to school, they are welcome to come in their “regular” clothing! We do ask that costumes not be “scary” please, as it can be upsetting for some of the children.
If you would like to send in a “treat” for your child to hand out, you are welcome to do so. We do ask, however, that whatever you send in follow our Anaphylaxis Policy guidelines: items must be store bought, in their original container, and labelled nut-free. Thank you for your cooperation.

*All children are required to bring a back-pack or bag to school every day that contains a complete change of clothing, and diapers/wipes if applicable. Don’t forget spare socks…nothing more miserable than wet socks! Spills and accidents happen!
*Children must wear closed-toe, properly fitting footwear.  Tripping occurs frequently when a child’s shoes are too big, and little toes can get stepped on when not protected by closed-toe shoes. It’s important that your child can walk and run safely, especially in the gym!
*Please ensure that your child’s belongings are labelled…this is especially important as winter weather approaches…hats, mittens, boots and coats often look very similar. Need labels? Check out our Mabel’s Labels fundraiser here.
*As cold and flu season approaches, we’d like to remind you that sick children should be kept at home, for the protection of everyone. If your child is unable to cover their mouth/nose when they sneeze or cough, they risk infecting the whole group. We encourage children to cough into their elbow (not their hands!) and teach the hand-washing protocols from Halton Region’s Health Department. We encourage you to use these techniques at home too. (Our goal is to have all of the children be hand-washing/mouth-covered-when-sneezing/coughing pros by the end of the month!)

I think that’s everything for now…Happy October!

Mrs. T

August/September 2017 newsletter

Back to School!


Tues. Sept. 5th  (Tues./Thurs. programs) and Wed. Sept. 6th  (M/W/F programs)

Welcome to our new families, and welcome back to our returning families! We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful summer. We are all eager to get back to school, and looking forward to another great year at Bronte Harbour! But before we get down to business, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank  you to all of our families for the thoughtful gifts that the teachers received in June. Thank you so much for thinking of us! We are so thankful that your children are part of our lives. We would also like to wish all the best to all of “our” kids who are headed off to “big school”…please come by for a visit and let us know how you are doing.

First day of school jitters?

As coming to school is a new experience for many children (and their parents!), here are a few tips to help ease the transition:
*We encourage you to drop your child off as quickly as possible, to help them settle.  The longer you stay, the harder the goodbyes can be, as your child begins to assume that you are staying with them.

*It is important that you say goodbye to your child before you leave, rather than sneaking out. Your child needs to know that you are leaving, and that you will be returning later.  This will help develop their trust in the school, the teachers, and you.

*Don’t forget…your child will take his or her cues from you. If you present a confident, excited attitude to your child about this new opportunity, your child will likely feel less apprehensive, and settle in more quickly.

We know dropping your child off can sometimes be stressful and upsetting to both you and your child, and we want to help make arrival time as comfortable as possible for everyone.  Please let us know if you have any concerns regarding the drop off, and we will be happy to assist you in finding a method that works best for you and your child.

Our first few classes will center on getting to know one another.  Plenty of time will be devoted to allowing the children to explore the classroom, and familiarize themselves with our routines.

*Wondering what your child needs to bring to school? Check it out here!

 Scholastic Book Orders:

This month’s book order will be due: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th

Every month, Scholastic book order forms will be sent home to you. Scholastic Book Club orders earn us “bonus” dollars, to use to supplement our own book center for the classroom. You are under no obligation to purchase books from Scholastic, but your orders are much appreciated.  Due dates for book orders will be posted on the whiteboard calendar outside the Preschool classroom, and on the Toddler room door, as well as on our events calendar.

Book orders are to be paid by cheque, payable to Scholastic Canada, or parents can pay online.  You can get more information about the online payment process here.

Staffing changes:

After the centre closed for the summer, Mrs. Caie and Mrs. Cruz made the difficult decision to leave Bronte Harbour. Mrs. Caie decided that the time had come for her to explore full-time employment options, and Mrs. Cruz has enrolled full-time in Early Childhood Education courses at Sheridan College.  We wish both ladies all the best.

Not to worry though…we’ve found an amazing new addition for our team! (Did you doubt I’d find the perfect someone for us?!) Please welcome Parul Dutt to the Bronte Harbour family! Mrs. Dutt will be working in both classrooms…so be sure to say hello!

Registration Update:

We still have a few spaces left in the Toddler and Preschool programs, so be sure to let friends and family know that spaces are still available.  If anyone you know is interested in signing up for our fantastic programs, please tell them to get in touch with Mrs. T soon!

Save the date for Parent Information Night:

We know how much information you received at your tour, through our Parent Handbook, the website, etc., etc., etc.!  It’s a lot to take in, and it’s easy for some information to be missed. There’s so much to know about what we do, and how we do it,  so we’d like to invite you to join us for a brief Parent Information Night! Join us on Tuesday October 10th at 6:45pm in the Preschool Classroom. We’ll explain some of our documentation process, how we monitor children’s development, and also share some of our exciting plans for the upcoming school year!
Hope to see you there.


And don’t forget: if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please speak to Mrs.T, or one of classroom teachers. You can contact us by phone at 905-465-3508, or via email at bronteharbour@hotmail.com (If you need to speak to us immediately, please note that we have limited access to email from the center, so during program hours, phone contact is best.  Email is generally accessed early in the morning, or late afternoon.)

I think that’s all for now…just the basics to get everyone started!

Stay tuned for newsletter updates in the next couple of weeks.

Mrs. T